About the chef

Our chef, Grace, a Shanghai native, European resident (France and UK)
and now Californian, blends the tastes of her home city with western cooking,
such as French and Italian, into a unique savory collation for your dining enjoyment.

Grace prepares her authentic and innovative delights with an emphasis on freshness, and sharp flavors. All our food is made from scratch as much as possible, using healthy, home-grown and all-natural ingredients. Enjoy the delicious food without worrying about the safety or healthiness.

I'm very flexible to work with. I love to exemplify my customers needs and what they really want with their meals. Each customer is different and I do my best to work with everything they want. Working with me is a great combination of what you want and what I can provide. When my customer really enjoy the food, their satisfaction is my goal. I've been cooking for 10 years and absolutely love what I do!